Burritos (Bu-ree-tohs)

Flour tortillas rolled around beef filling and topped with cheese and onion sauce.


Chalupas (Cha-lu-pahs)

Flat tortillas with beans sprinkled with cheese. Topped with guacamole salad.


Chile Relleno (Chee-lay Ray-yay-noh)

A whole pepper filled with cheese, covered with egg white, deep-fried and smothered with tomato sauce.


Enchiladas (En-chee-lah-dahs)

Corn tortillas rolled around seasoned fillings. Topped with sauce and cheese.


Frijoles Refritos (Free-hoh-lays Ray-free-tohs)

Refried beans.


Guacamole (Gwak-kah-moh-lay)

Smashed avocados with spices.


Nachos (Nah-chohs)

Melted cheese with jalapeño peppers on toasted tortillas.


Quesadillas (Kay-sah-dee-yahs)

Flour tortillas filled with cheese.


Tacos (Tah-kohs)

Tortillas folded, fried crisp and filled with meat, lettuce and cheese.


Tamales (Tah-mah-lays)

Savory meat fillings steamed in corn meal casings. Topped with beef, cheese and sauce.


Tortillas (Tohr-tee-yahs)

Thin corn pancakes used as a base for many dishes.


Tostadas (Tohs-tah-dahs)

Flat corn tortillas with meat, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.


Tostaguacs (Tohs-tah-gwahks)

Flat tortillas with meat topped with lettuce and guacamole.



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